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Interested in the thicker, fuller brows you've always desired? Visit Ideal Eyebrow, provides best eyebrow shaping in Albuquerque for your beautiful feather brows!
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What Our Customers Say

Loved working there! Amazing service and best professional care.

Mehwish Pervez

Best place in Albuquerque to have your eyebrows threading done. Staff is really experienced and prices absolutely good.

Asher Mall

Amazing!!! First time ever doing threading and I had an amazing experience! I doubt I'll ever wax again!

Angie Zamora
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Best Beauty Salon in Albuquerque NM

What is threading ?

Threading is an ancient method of hair removal that simply uses cotton thread to remove unwanted hair – the most natural way to take care of your brows. Threading is not only used on the eyebrows, but also on the upper lip, chin, sideburns, or any area of the face. It is quick, relatively painless, and lasts much longer than traditional waxing.

Who am Ideal Eyebrow?

Naima Mall and Mehwish Pervez bring over 28 years of combined experience in the ancient art of threading, the 100% chemical-free way to remove unwanted hair. The extremely precise nature of the technique makes it ideal for eyebrows, but we also do upper lip, nose, sideburns, chin, cheeks, forehead, neck, underarms, and full face.

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Benefits of Threading

Save Time

Tweezing your eyebrow hair by hair can take an eternity. Fortunately, threading solves this problem by removing multiple hairs at once.


Perhaps the biggest benefit that threading has over other techniques is the ability to shape eyebrows with stunning precision.

Less Pain

It is generally agreed that threading is not as painful as waxing and other hair removal procedures.


According to WebMD, threading is a safer alternative to waxing for someone who is using topical retinoid or acne medications.

Long Lasting

Threading weakens hair follicles, causing growth to be less dense over time.

No Chemicals

Unlike other hair removal procedures, threading does not use any chemicals.

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Why Us

28 years of combined experience.
The 100% chemical free.
Extremely precise nature of the technique.

Ideal Eyebrow Threading and Beauty Salon in Albuquerque brings excellence eyebrow threading to Albuquerque NM with its great professionals. Request an Appointment. Get best eyebrow threading services in Albuquerque and look gorgeous.